Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Police - criticised for lack of arrests, so will now arrest just about anybody - they don't care who!

There was a report not so long ago criticising the police for arresting far fewer people now that they used to...

But also that in some areas arrests were going up!

And then I saw this report on a 'drugs bust'...

Notice - eight people were arrested... but two were 'released on bail' and six were 'released under investigation'.

What is the significance of this?

Well if you are 'released on bail' the police have 28 days to make a case and either charge you or let you go - they do this if they actually think they have a case and can do the paperwork in the next four weeks (if they need more time they have to satisfy a judge in court that there is in a case and it really does need more time).

But if you are 'released under investigation'  there is no time limit! the police need never actually make a case against you - you could be left under their supervision for the rest of your life with no charge, no discharge without judicial/court intervention and no right to judicial/court intervention - all this on the whim of one investigating officer!

'Released under investigation' is quite a new device, created by the nasty and stupid current prime minister Theresa May when she was Home Secretary - and while it is good she no longer has that role, she appointed Amber Rudd an even nastier and stupider person to replace her.

This came about because of a few high profile cases (such as Cliff Richard) where very slow police progress meant they were left 'on bail' for very, very long periods of time (years) - all the time having to be renewed by a judge/court every 28 days.

The 28 day limit was an excellent safeguard against our ever more officious and unreliable police services -- because a judge was regularly called in to decide if the police were actually working properly, or just persecuting an innocent individual. This ties in well with traditional English justice, from Magna Carta and before, where no man could be subject to legal/state action without a fair hearing and due process.

Theresa May, being a very stupid person, has no understanding of such issues and sees no need for the public to be safeguarded against the likes of her and her kind. So she simply ripped the courts out of the process and gave the police discretion to judge themselves - amazingly enough the police always think they are doing the right thing... something we know to be false as their faults are proven by every case and bail hearing that has ever gone against them!!

Theresa May's 'Released under Investigation' is an absolute step towards a police state - which the police have seized with gusto.

Every decent Englishman (male and female) should be very, very concerned. Theresa May cannot be trusted, and if we lose the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) before we have a proper replacement there will be nothing stopping the government, state and police becoming the tyrants they so want to be.

Friday, 8 December 2017

Sussex Police given a good kick in the nuts...

I win, I beat the bastards.

It took six months, but even with out their huge resources I ran rings around them and made the look like the twats they are.

Having arrested me six months ago and strung me along ever since, they the couldn't find anything to charge me with with.

This is no surprise - unlike Sussex Police Officers, I am an honest, decent person, so of course there is nothing I can be charged with!!

The letter saying they failed to stitch me up, so have to let me go was interesting in several ways -- apart from being dated the 24th November but postmarked the 1st December (why the delay?) - it says the Crown Prosecution Service told them that my tweets were *not* grossly offensive (of course they aren't only a Sussex Police Officer retard, or a Labour councillor could be such a moron to think otherwise).

But... I wasn't arrested (or interrogated) 'on suspicion of posting grossly offensive tweets' - but on 'suspicion of posting tweets likely to stir up religious or racial hatred'... So clearly they knew the original arrest couldn't be justified, so changed what they were trying to fit me up with by switching to a whole new charge... bastards.

In my interview under caution - which I will get a copy of and post on-line - I said I believed the whole thing was politically motivated (it was Labour councillors who attacked me), clearly the police were part of this politically motivated action, or they would have investigated my complaint...

As I was 'released under investigation' I was banned from communicating with the councillors at risk of 'interfering with witnesses' (a very serious criminal offence), but now I can do what ever I please as a free English man. So suing the arse off the police and council are right up there near the top of my list... But I have to get my details removed from the PNC, local arrest records etc... it the mean time I am bringing hell down on them.

Sunday, 12 November 2017

Three Cards for Remembrance #LestWeForget #RedPoppiesMatter

If you find a use for any of them - put a couple of quid in the next British Legion collection tin you see.

Friday, 10 November 2017

Replace the Bobby on the Beat? Easy! do it privately for 30p per home per day! #Agorism #Shruggers

Ok, its is not really a replacement - because the police have deserted the streets already - is is recreating the Bobby on the Beat - but without the state police being involved.

The withdrawal of the bobby is a nationwide thing, one of the huge examples of its effect is that  London is now more dangerous than New York(!)  [], and as that report notes this is just as UK plod are moving from officer in place towards 'intelligence' led policing, exactly what New York moved away from to bring their huge crime levels massively down to today's levels.

Anyway - agorists don't go begging to the state, because the state is never the solution to anything, and we need to shrug off every influence the state has over us, so...

Drones are are a big thing now - the power, computer control, electronics for video etc are amazing, this particular one is what inspired this post


For £260 - a spy in the sky - 1m wingspan, 30-40 minutes flight time, live video feed, and a 1km range(!) with GPS for full telemetrics - location, height, time - and a 'return to base' at the flick of a switch (or if radio contact is lost) and as a lightweight 'powered glider' rather than 'copter even in the most unfortunate circumstances is unlikely to ever inflict any harm in an accident.

A few of these on rotation, could keep a very wide area under surveillance - and the deterrent effect is likely to be huge. They cannot physically intervene but they will have location information and pictures live for live assistance to be deployed -- and should have little problem keeping tabs on any suspect.

How to run such a monitoring service cheaply? Well my initial idea would be to run it as a 'game' subscribers leave 'beacons' around their property, pilots spend their shift flying and finding beacons and get paid for each one they find - a game that pays. And while they are seeking the beacons with the live video feed they will be alert for anything untoward that is happening...

A 40 minute shift, cover an area, clock 8 beacons, get £8 - to have your property included in the service you'd be paying for full time coverage within 1 square km with hourly passes.

Average property = 1000 sq meters = 1000 properties per sq kilometer

So 24hours*60(mins)/40(mins) = 36 shifts * £8 = £288 / 1000 properties = £0.29 per day per property.

So for 30p a day you get 24 hour security surveillance of your property, 100% belonging to you (not state snooping for goodness knows what) with no state intervention, physical crime likely reduced to zero. And you create a load of 'enjoyable' relatively low skill jobs for locals.

Yes this is not really a business plan, there may be better devices, there are some other costs (maybe four drones needed as backup for each patch, how long will they last?), but in principle we can scrap a large part of the police force and do better without them - simply by using tech. The problem with the state/public sector is their vested interest in keeping their hands in you wallet, and never letting go...

Friday, 3 November 2017

Referenda? UK has them all the time - never before reversed or re-run...

I was getting a bit tired of the EU Remainers attack on referenda, they keep pretending that they are very rare and never really return a worthwhile result. This particularly came to a head with the Catelonian independence referenda in Spain. Where the remainers are torn between their public support for 'the people' pronouncements, and their true 'control the people at any cost' core beliefs.

I knew of a few referenda run by the UK government on independence issues - The Falklands, Gibraltar and Scoltand - but thought I'd do a quick check for more... and turned all these up (people would have known about them at the time - but memory quickly fades, thank goodness for the internet!).

To this we must add:

2002 - Gibraltar -,_2002
2013 - Falklands -,_2013

So don't be fooled by the remainers - the UK has honoured every referendum in the past, if brexit is not completed it will be a massive change and betrayal of the British people by the established politicians.

Friday, 27 October 2017

The police are wrong in 60% of 'hate speech' cases, and wrong in 80% of disputed cases.

Just how nasty, evil, authoritarian, overbearing and lazy are police officers when it comes to allegations of 'hate crime'?

Last year arrests for alleged hate speech on social media rocketed to 3,400. Typically these people will have had their phones/tablets/computers seized and withheld for many months, their finger prints and DNA taken and registered on the police national computer and spent time, maybe even a night locked in a cell.

Of these, about 40% were persuaded by the police to confess and were (of course) convicted, of the remaining 60% who disputed the police claims, the police found no grounds to prosecute in 90% of cases -- i.e. the police never had evidence to support the allegation and arrest (despite it all being public on social media!) - so the individuals were wrongly arrested and imprisoned. Of the remainder that actually went to court and were still contested the police failed to make a case 40% of the time.

Arrests 3,400
Prosecutions 1,700 (50%)
Convictions (80% of prosecutions) 1,400
Confessions (75% of convictions) 1,000
Convictions on disputed arrests (conviction - confession) 400

So from a total of 2,400 disputed arrests made by the police 2000 (80%) were baseless - from the total of 3,400 police arrests 2000 (60%)  were baseless.

Saturday, 7 October 2017

Three months on, still arrested, still being investigated for a tweet...

Please join my free speech email list - only together can we protect free speech.

2nd December 2017 I get a letter saying I have no case to answer, just as I said all along my tweets were 100% legal.

The letter is post marked 1st December, but dated 24th November(!) and Twitter permanently suspended my @pperrin twitter account on the 1st December... what a coincidence? eh?

OK a quick catch up (from memory, I have all the documents but this is just an overview).

It Starts (Mid/Late June)

1) A local Councillor tweeted about an event they had attended.
2) I tweeted a challenging question.
3) The Councillor didn't answer.
4) A third party chipped in.
5) I tweeted a witty reply regarding the third parties comment.
6) The local Labour party went bat-shit crazy and tweeted a complaint to the police.

The next day
7) Local press call ask me about police investigation.
8) I say the police haven't contacted me so I don't know that there is any investigation.
9) I phone the police and ask if there is an investigation, they say they can find no trace.

The next day
10) A different local press call and ask me about the investigation.
11) I say the police told me they have no record.

The next day
12) The local paper runs a story saying I am being investigated by the police for a hate crime.
13) I phone the police and ask if this is true and whether they identified me to the press
14) The police again say they have no record, but if it is true I will be called in the next few days.
15) I complain to the police (in case they did breach data protection with my identity).
16) I complain to the press complaints (in case the paper have run with out having facts).

The next day
17) I am arrested at home during dinner, my phone and a tablet are taken.
18) I am processed (DNA, fingerprints etc) and thrown in a cell.
19) I am interviewed under caution and questioned about various tweets, I confirm that I wrote them and explained each one.
20) I give a custody officer the passwords for my devices which he takes into evidence with them. (I had been told that I was legally required to do and sending devices to be cracked had a 17 week backlog)

The next day
20) I am 'released under investigation' and told I will get a letter in the post saying if I will be charged or not. I am told not to contact the Councillors.

Two months later(Mid/Late August)

21) I contact the police demanding my phone and tablet back as they have had them for long enough to examine/make copies, and they aren't even relevant as my tweets are all on the twitter servers in the public domain.

A couple of days later
22) A police officer contacts me asking for the passwords for the devices. I try to remember and describe the 'pattern' over the phone as best I can.

Even later
23) I contact them again asking for a reply to my demand for my items back

24) The investigating officer contacts me asking for the passwords and confirms that they have lost the original note of the passwords from evidence.
25) The passwords I give don't seem to work (I may not remember the pattern after so long, or may not describe it well etc...)
26) I am told that if the items are not checked locally they will be sent off for processing. (I had been told there is a 17 week backlog on this).

Three months after my arrest (Late September)

27) I put in an official police complaint about my treatment, I am expecting the case to be dropped, my arrest to be purged, my DNA and fingerprints removed from the police national computer and financial compensation to be paid for the damage this episode has caused me.

A couple of days later
28) Twitter block my main account for a week and say four tweets must be deleted to start the count down - the tweets are two of those that the police questioned me about and two other random ones from about a month ago.

A couple of days later
29) The police contact me saying my complaint has been handed to the local station for local handling.

So now...

My twitter account is unlocked and I await the police response.

The last time I pursued a police complaint, ( after months of work, the officers own force engineered a derailing of the process which stopped the investigating officers completing the complaint - in a move that he himself described as Kafkaesque and unsatisfactory.

In light of my experience of police complaints I am under no illusion that it will change anything within the police force, however I am keen to get the episode expunged from my 'record' and to receive compensation for the damage this almighty police cock up has done to me, my family and business.

I also set up a free speech protection fund email list as I expected to need to get cash at short notice for legal fees - however no lawyer I have contacted will do anything until the investigation is complete so I have not needed to call on the subscribers (of whom there are now quite a few!).